Florianopolis skyline as seen from the seaside at night.
Photo by Leandro Deitos on Flickr

Where I wish I were

A little before the quarantine started, I went for a walk by the seaside because I knew it was a full moon night. My phone was low on battery, and I didn’t mind. I went anyway. After walking for a bit, the moon hadn’t come up from behind the buildings yet, so I decided to sit on the grass and wait for it.

My phone died right after. I found myself sitting alone, by the seaside, waiting for the moon — and it was so worth it.

The moon is one of the things I love most in nature. My evenings are usually better when I have the chance to spare a moment just to look at her. Though I appreciate all phases of the moon for what they are and what they mean, there’s no denying in the magic of the full moon.

While I waited for her, I realized that I had time to myself. I truly had no distractions at that moment. I was with my own company, and I was so comfortable with it, it made me tear up.

I’ve always been scared of being alone, but, sitting there, I learned that being alone is not the same as being lonely and that I was enough.

It was again full moon week recently. From my couch inside my apartment, I looked at the moon through the window, and I wish I could be out by the seaside. Going for a walk at night wasn’t a habit of mine, but after being forbidden to do so, I wanted it more than ever.

Finding a topic to write about today was hard, so I grabbed my trusted 642 Things to Write About and found this prompt: where you wish you were.

It’s not full moon week anymore, but when I looked at the words, my mind immediately went to that day. I knew the answer was easy: I wish I were outside talking to the moon.

And I wish I hadn’t taken that day for granted. I wish I hadn’t taken the possibility to go outside for granted. I wish I had taken more advantages of the place I live and its closeness to the seaside. But above all, I wish I learn from this experience to never make these mistakes again. When this is all over, I hope I go outside more often and enjoy my time alone with the moon.




Brazilian. Freelance writer. Lover of romance. Believer in astrology.

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Gabriela Graciosa Guedes

Gabriela Graciosa Guedes

Brazilian. Freelance writer. Lover of romance. Believer in astrology.

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