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Take a heavy day and make it lighter

I failed you yesterday. Not only that, and even worse than that, I failed myself. It is devastating the feeling of not following through with a promise that I made. I have literally been marking my progress on my calendar to display my success in creating this writing habit, and not seeing yesterday crossed out will haunt me for a long time.

But it’s done. I can’t change it. Yesterday happened, and I didn’t write more than a couple of sentences of what I thought could be a post, but now I will never know. I could justify myself. I would write this entire post about all the reasons why I skipped yesterday. God knows how great I am at this. After reading them, you would probably end up feeling bad for not having written my post yourself. But I won’t do this — self-responsibility and all.

Thank you so much, Full Moon in Scorpio. It is never easy when Scorpio is involved.

Speaking of which… what a heavy couple of days this has been! There was so much to unpack that I couldn’t help feeling exhausted because of all this process. But then, sometimes, there are these tiny things that bring lightness to it all — I want to focus on these.

That short second your godson repeats a phrase he has never said before, and it warms your heart. You look at him and are suddenly filled with hope and this great feeling that only a child can bring into your life.

Or that moment in the late afternoon, when the sun is setting on the distance, and it brings this gold light into your apartment. The golden hallway is a reminder that nothing lasts forever, neither the worst nor the best of days. It all comes to an end, for another beginning to come to life.

That couple of hours you are watching a movie with your aunt and grandma, and you forget about the chaos in the world. You are only enjoying your Sunday afternoon — the quarantine is nothing but a distant thought in your mind.

That brief goodnight call that easily turns into an hour-long conversation and makes you feel more connected than you had in years. You need to sleep, but you keep on talking because you don’t want it to be over.

Or that picture, sent to you completely out of the blue, of a day when life was easier and lighter. Who sends you makes your day brighter every time. You ask for a song — it was a hard day! You could use it before sleeping! — and he sends you one. Suddenly, the heaviness of the day is lifted, and you can fall asleep to the melody of the song.

These tiny moments have the power to change your mood completely. Look for those. Even when you think everything is chaotic and heavy, they are there. You just have to be open to them.




Brazilian. Freelance writer. Lover of romance. Believer in astrology.

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Gabriela Graciosa Guedes

Gabriela Graciosa Guedes

Brazilian. Freelance writer. Lover of romance. Believer in astrology.

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